Handstand Press was  founded in 2005 by Liz Nuttall at the Bookshop at the Tinners’ Rabbit in Ulverston.   The name Handstand was inspired by a small bronze sculpture in the Tinners’ Rabbit art gallery of two acrobatic hares – (a tinners’ rabbit is a hare – see below for an explanation!).   The aim of the new  venture was to meet customer demand for local books.  The first published work was an account of the construction, during the mid nineteenth century, of the Hoad Monument in Ulverston.  Since then Handstand has published, on average, two books a year ranging from poetry to memoir, industrial and landscape history, and fiction for children and young adults.

Liz retired from the Bookshop in 2008 and runs Handstand Press from her home in Dentdale, near Sedbergh.

Handstand Press is happy to give advice to authors who would like to get published. Although we don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts we offer a relatively inexpensive script reading service. Contact us by email for more details.

Dentdale 1
Dentale Afternoon.



The tinner’s rabbit is  pagan symbol of three hares in a circular motif, found on roof bosses in churches, mostly in Devon.  Other examples have been found all over the world but it is thought the tin miners of Devon appropriated it for themselves in the 15th Century as a thanksgiving for their continued prosperity.  Chris Benefield, a Devonian by birth, chose the name for the art gallery he opened in Ulverston in 1997.  The bookshop next door opened in 1999 as an extension to the gallery.