‘Neat though not Sumptuous’, Lowick Hall – a Chronicle

by Adam & Marianne Naylor

Lowick Hall, a small Cumbrian manor house, has a history stretching back nearly a thousand years. This finely illustrated book traces the history of the house and its owners; from Ivo de Taillebois, a friend of King William Rufus, to the writer Arthur Ransome and beyond.
The families of Ambrose, Latus, Blencowe, Everard, Montagu and Calvert have owned the manor in succession. Over the centuries Lowick Hall has evolved from a fortified pele tower into the “Neat, though not sumptuous” house lovingly described in George Blencowes’s eighteenth century poem.

£10.99 including postage.

  • Paperback: 168 pages / 200 illustrations
  • Publisher: Handstand Press (2012)
  • ISBN: 978-0-9552009-9-1
  • Dimensions: 225 x 170
  • Category – Local History


Adam & Marianne Naylor

Marianne and Adam Naylor met and married whilst history students at Edinburgh University. They opened a second-hand bookshop together there while Adam continued studying for his PhD. Their interest in books and history continues unabated and has led to the research and publication of this book on Lowick Hall, Adam and Marianne’s family home for more than twenty years.
The age of their manor house home, together with its boxes of ancient documents, took the authors on a trail of discovery. The chronicle of Lowick Hall and its village set in the Crake valley, recounts the history of country life in a corner of the English Lake District