The Ghost Show



The Ghost Show

Irvine Hunt

The sequel to Irvine Hunt’s much-loved novel The Drover’s Boy.   Henry Hodgekin is down on his luck but an act of courage leads to a chance of work on the spooky Ghost Show, part of a travelling fairground touring old Cumberland. But things don’t go smoothly. Snivel, his pal, threatens to land them in trouble and Henry must work hard to prove his worth as well as win the heart of Jenny, a girl he has always admired.

The Ghost Show is based on the real-life Biddall family who toured the north of England and Scottish borders with Phantospectra. Biddall’s Ghost-O-Dramas at the turn of the 20th Century.

ISBN: 978-09576609-2-2

Date of Publication: 2014


Number of pages: 178

Category: Children from 8yrs and adults.