This Place I Know


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A New Anthology of Cumbrian Poetry

This eagerly awaited contemporary collection  brings the great tradition of Lake District poetry into the 21st Century in a special anthology celebrating the effect of the Cumbrian landscape and people on the imagination.
Contributors include:
Jacob Polley, Helen Mort, Kathleen Jones,
Simon Armitage, Judy Brown, Kim Moore,
Kerry Darbishire, Neil Curry, Tom Pickard,
Emma McGordon, Christopher Pilling,
Pauline Yarwood, Angela Locke, Polly Atkin,
M.R. Peacocke, Josephine Dickinson,
Karen Lloyd, Helen Farish, Patricia Pogson
and Katie Hale, plus a host of fine poets
contributing to Cumbria’s lively poetry scene.
Kerry Darbishire, Kim Moore and Liz Nuttall
Foreword by Grevel Lindop
Published by Handstand Press.
Publication Date: 1st October 2018
ISBN: 9780957660960.