The Paradise of Furness

by Sarah Elizabeth Holmes

Conishead Priory, on Cumbria’s Furness Peninsula, was founded over 800 years ago as a place of spirituality and healing. Sarah Holmes has researched and written the first account of this historic house. An architectural wonder, Conishead Priory has been home to the distinguished families of the North West, a health hydro, a miners’ convalescent home and emergency war hospital. Now as a Buddhist centre for World Peace, it has come full circle. This fascinating book shows how one of Britain’s great country houses has survived the vicissitudes of history.

Price: £14.99 including postage.

    • Paperback: 178 pages / 105 illustrations
    • Publisher: Handstand Press (2012)
    • Dimensions: 245 x 172
    • ISBN-13:  978-0-9552009-8-4
    • Category – Local History.

Sarah Holmes

The author of The Paradise of Furness, the Story of Conishead Priory and Its People, is Yorkshire born but lives now in Cumbria working as a fine artist and writer. Sarah’s first book, Famous Relations: My Wilberforce Family from Yorkshire was based on research she began as a child. Since then she has had articles published in the BBC Magazine ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and in the academic research journal of the Brontë Society, Brontë Studies. Sarah is never happier than when researching. She leaves no stone unturned! The Paradise of Furness is the definitive story of Conishead Priory, a favourite landmark on the Furness Peninsula and a wonderful example of an historic house that has somehow survived the centuries.

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