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New History of Ulverston coming in March.

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This time last year I wrote that a new history of Ulverston would be published by Handstand Press in 2015. We are a couple of months late! I’m pleased to announce, finally, that ULVERSTON, An English Market Town Through History, by Helen Shacklady, will be in the bookshops on March 4th price £14.99.

Tackling the history of any town is a challenge to any author. Where to begin?  Where to end?  What to put in or leave out? Helen has cleverly decided to approach the history of Ulverston in the context of English history so that we see the town not just in isolation but understand its connection with wider events. Her knowledge of history is evident throughout as well as her thorough research.  But what makes the book particularly interesting are Helen’s own observations coupled with an unwillingness to be seduced by popular historical theories.

You can meet Helen Shacklady any time and purchase the book from her at the Bookshack bookstall in Ulverston Indoor Market, during shop opening hours in Ulverston (shops are closed on Wednesdays). It will also be available at Suttons Bookshop, 48 Market Street and can be ordered from any good bookshop.

Book details:

ISBN: 978-0-9576609-4-6.

206 Pages. 50 illustrations in full colour.  70 illustrations black and white.

Dimensions: 170x205mm

You can order a book from us here

I hope you will find ULVERSTON, An English Market Town Through History, informative and a really good read.







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This is the year…

Handstand Press was founded in 2005.  Its aim was to publish Cumbrian books by Cumbrian authors, but chiefly to produce a new history of Ulverston. As a bookseller in Ulverston I had lots of enquiries from locals and visitors to the town and there was nothing in print. So at last, ten years on, Handstand Press is publishing ‘Ulverston – An English Market Town in History’. Its author, Helen Shacklady, has done a remarkable job showing how Ulverston, a typical market town, has developed over the centuries in response to events in British history. Her research has been thorough and her writing style is wry. I think it’s a winner and I hope that all who have looked forward to a new and comprehensive history of Ulverston will enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed producing it. Liz

Publication will be in August 2015. ISBN: 9780957660946