An English Market Town through History

Helen Shacklady

From the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution, Roman invasion to wars of religion and world wars, this book tells the story of Ulverston from pre-history to the 21st Century.  Helen Shacklady’s scholarly work is written with conviction, humour and affection for a town with an identity all its own.

‘…. subtle humour in a light writing style with a series of asides and challenges to how situations and events impacted singly and collectively on individuals and institutions. This makes ‘Ulverston’ an easy and relaxed read to be undertaken as a continuing story from start to finish’.

My copy of (Helen Shacklady’s) ‘Ulverston’ is on a bookshelf alongside The Story of Ulverston by Henry Birkett – and like that treatise from 1949 this special story deserves to become a classic.  Good Reads Review

First published in 2016

ISBN 9780957660946

216 Pages illustrated in colour and black and white


Ulverston History